how we buy


♥ Quality not Quantity!

♥ Please bring your items clean and neatly folded in one manageable box, bin or laundry basket (no bags).  The ideal box is laundry basket sized.

♥ We cannot accept your items in any kind of bag!

♥ Label your box with your name, phone number and if possible gender and size.

♥ We may offer to consign larger more expensive items.                          important *please call us before bringing these in*

♥ We pay our customers 30% of the resale value or 40% consigned sale.

 A limit of 25 items of clothing per drop-off. Please bring your very best!

♥At hope returns discretion we may or may not purchase clothing items  depending on store inventory and quality of clothing.

♥ You do not need to make an appointment; you can just come in with your merchandise for resale during our buying months. Please refer to “what we buy” and “when we buy”.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us!

♥Thank you